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KT220 Hydrogen Torch Cleans Electric Motor Armature for Rewinding – Customer Thrilled!

KT220 Hydrogen Torch Thrills Customer with 6000+ Degree Flame

Take a look at the video above sent to us by a very happy customer who was able to dramatically reduce the time required to prepare a large motor armature for rewinding.

The KT220 Hydrogen Torch quickly removes paper and residue from the used motor armature. The secret to their success lies within the water fuel the KT220 Hydrogen Torch uses, which when broken down produces a highly volatile mix of hydrogen and oxygen. When that gas is ignited through a well calibrated torch system like the KT220, a flame with temperatures exceeding 6000+ degrees results. It’s those incredibly high temperatures that so drastically cut the time required to complete jobs needing an industrial strength torch. As this customer knows time = money, and in this case the KT220 Hydrogen Torch delivers results far beyond customer expectations! The KT220 hydrogen torch beats Oxy-Acetalyne, Propane, and MAP-gas torches hand down, and this customer is reaping the benefits!

The KT220 Hydrogen Torch is used to prep an electric motor armature for rewinding.


Use this link to watch the video directly on youtube:

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