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The KT Series Industrial Hydrogen Torch Solution!

The KT Series Hydrogen Generator / Torch

The KT Series Hydrogen Generator

In the past, industrial hydrogen torch systems were big, inefficient, and required a significant amount of maintenance to operate. Keipertech’s KT Series Hydrogen Gas Generators change all that. Use as a hydrogen torch remains the KT Series Hydrogen Generator’s most popular application, and it’s no wonder. It’s the one of the most compact, and portable hydrogen torches on the market today, yet it exceeds the efficiency of competing hydrogen torch systems. In fact, the KT series offers greater efficiency than its closest competitors with a variable gas output from 1-40 liters per minute. That’s up to 2400 liters of hydrogen gas per hour. The KT series of generators are easy to maintain, and in the highly unlikely case that something does fail, Keipertech makes it easy to get back up and running quickly and painlessly.

Why Use a Hydrogen Torch?

Hydrogen torch systems offer many advantages over bottled gas.

A hydrogen torch produces gas on-demand. Instead of having to maintain and fill bottles, in the way that you do with an oxy-acetylene torch, hydrogen gas is produced from water and electricity at the moment it’s needed. You’ll never again be left with an empty bottle while you’re in the middle of working on that important project. All the fuel you need is at your fingertips.

A hydrogen torch concentrates heat. A customer using the KT20-120 points to a hose which suffered no damage after welding a nearby metal part.

Customer points out an electrical cable which suffered no damage after using a KT-220 Hydrogen Torch to weld the attached lug, showing the low heat dissipation.

Hydrogen torch systems concentrate heat right where it’s needed. One of the problems with torch systems like oxy-acetylene setups, is that they heat up the material around the flame instead of concentrating heat directly where it is needed. Hydrogen torches have the unique ability to heat up the spot where the flame is directed while the material around the flame remains relatively cool in comparison. We call this low heat dissipation.

VIDEO: KT-220 doesn’t burn or scar rubber electrical cable just inches from the weld point!

A hydrogen torch doesn’t create noxious fumes and hazardous gases. While many torch systems need to be used in well-ventilated areas, using any of the KT Series Industrial Hydrogen Torches produces no harmful gases or emissions which could endanger you or your employee’s health.

The KT Series Hydrogen Torch Advantage…

In addition to the advantages of hydrogen torch technology, the KT Series offers must have features that other hydrogen torches do not. The Keipertech KT Series variable gas output allows you to use many different tips sizes. Furthermore, the KT Series’ powder-coated enclosure assures that your investment will be protected even in the harshest environments.

The KT Series Hydrogen Torch is multi-operator capable. Yes, you read that right. Keipertech’s hydrogen torch systems actually produce enough hydrogen gas to support multiple users simultaneously! We offer an upgrade set that will sense what operators are doing and adjust gas output accordingly. All users are guaranteed a constant even flow of gas regardless of what the other operator is doing.

KT Series Industrial Hydrogen Torch In ActionEasy to maintain….

The entire system only has 2 moving components.  The electrical system houses all of the circuitry in one easy to remove and replace module, connected with a wiring harness.  This makes on-site repair fast, simple and does not require a specialist. A repair could be done by the operator, which dramatically reduces down time and losses in productivity. This feature alone makes this purchasing decision obvious. If there is a failure in the leading competitor’s machine you only have 2 options: ship a 400LB machine back to them for repair, or wait for them to come to you. Both of those options mean a lot of down time and a lot of money! With the KT Series extended down time is a thing of the past!

This unit can be flushed in less than 5 minutes and flushing is the only maintenance required. We included a very easily accessible drain valve right on the front, so when it is time to flush or drain the machine; it is as simple as turning a handle.

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The KT-220 Air Cooled Hydrogen Generator Models are available for order today!

This is hands down the most efficient, light-weight, attractive, easy-to-use, and powerful oxy-hydrogen torch system in the world! We thought of everything when designing this system, sparing no expense while creating the very best and user friendly unit to grace the industry. Replace your dated machine today with Keipertech, the new industry standard in oxygen-hydrogen torch technology.

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