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Hydrogen Engine Cleaning Lab Tests

Our Hydrogen Engine Cleaning Test Results Are In…

Amazing 80% reduction in emissions, 20% gain in horsepower, proves the value of hydrogen engine cleaning

We’ve been telling you about the amazing results we’ve been seeing when we use the KT-220 Hydrogen Gas Generator System to clean internal combustion engines, and indeed hydrogen engine cleaning is a quickly emerging market world wide, but we decided it was time to put our money where our mouth is and gather some real world testing results.

Hydrogen Engine Cleaning – Testing Protocol

For this test, we recruited the help of a local performance automotive shop. We were able to measure both the engine’s performance before and after the hydrogen engine cleaning, as well as carbon and oxygen gas emissions. We used a dynamometer, from industry leader Dynojet, as well as the T350 XL 5-gas analyzer from Testo to measure our results. The test vehicle was a 2002 Ford Windstar mini-van with 100,000+ miles on the engine.

Dynojet Dynamometer Results

Below you can see the results of the dynamometer testing. The graph shows engine power measured in horsepower as well as air/fuel ratio and engine speed. To minimize the chances of errant data we ran two tests before we performed the hydrogen engine cleaning.

Results of the test vehicles before hydrogen engine cleaning.

Results of the test vehicle before hydrogen engine cleaning.

After performing the first two tests with the dynamometer, we used the KT-220 hydrogen generator to inject hydrogen oxygen gas into the air intake of the vehicle while it idled for about an hour. We then did 3 more tests using the dynamometer to measure the impact of the hydrogen engine cleaning. The dramatic results are shown in the graph below!

Results of the test vehicles after hydrogen engine cleaning.

Results of the test vehicle after hydrogen engine cleaning.

20% Gain in horsepower after hydrogen engine cleaning!

As you can see by the two graphs above, the improvement in engine performance is extraordinary! Achieving a 20% gain in performance by simply cleaning your engine using hydrogen is something that most anyone can get behind. As if this alone wasn’t enough, keep reading to see what hydrogen engine cleaning did for our emissions results.

Cleaner emissions shown by Testo T350 XL 5-Gas Analyzer…

IMG_tst result BEFORE

Results of the before and after 5-gas analyzer emissions test shows before and after results. Results of the before (top) and after (bottom) 5-gas analyzer tests.

As if the performance increases weren’t great news already, our Testo T350 XL 5-Gas Analyzer showed dramatically cleaner emissions results after running the hydrogen engine cleaning with the KT-220 hydrogen gas generator, compared to the results we saw before the cleaning.

Note the lower carbon gas (CO) emissions numbers. From a starting value 2365 ppm (parts per million), carbon gas emissions dropped to only 423 ppm after the hydrogen engine cleaning process was complete.

Likewise, oxygen (% Oxygen), Nitric Oxide (NO), Nitrogen Dioxide (NO2), Carbon Dioxide Spectral Analysis (% CO2-IR), and the combined reading of NO and NO2 (NOx), all showed decreases in concentration or were eliminated all-together.

These drops in environmentally harmful emissions are in no way insignificant! Drops of this magnitude could easily be the difference between a ‘pass’ or ‘fail’ rating for required state emissions tests, and could save customers hundreds or thousands of dollars in costly work which would otherwise be required. Imagine the relief on your customer’s face when you tell them that thanks to cutting edge technology you have access to, you are able to resolve the issue for a fraction of the price of your competitors, not to mention deliver the vehicle in only 1 hour. The value the KT220 Industrial Hydrogen Generator offers for hydrogen engine cleaning services is nothing short of revolutionary.


Judging by the customers we’ve talked to in addition to the test results above, the potential of hydrogen engine cleaning is clearly strong. The KT-220 is superbly suited toward hydrogen engine cleaning with it’s potential to produce up to 15 liters of hydrogen oxygen gas per minute.