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Internal engine cleaning using hydrogen and oxygen for gasoline and diesel enginescarbon-out-giant-foods

Many people never think of engine cleaning, let alone make it a priority. As your engine ages, it develops heavy carbon buildups on the pistons and valves. This is normal, because both gasoline and diesel are carbon based fuels. Whenever something is burned, there is always something left behind. In this case, it’s carbon. These carbon buildups cause you to lose power, idle rougher, and ultimately make your engine less efficient. This means less miles to the gallon, and more money out of your pocket. How do I avoid this costly mistake, you might ask? The answer is simple, hydrogen engine cleaning.

We have discovered a simple, affordable, and extremely effective method of engine cleaning. By simply injecting a mixture of hydrogen and oxygen gas into the air intake of the vehicle for 30 minutes, we allow the unique burn properties of the gas mixture to break up and burn these carbon deposits away.

This not only works, but works so well that you’ll notice the difference as soon as the engine cleaning is done. Your car will have more power, run smoother and quieter, and give you noticeably increased miles per gallon!

This engine cleaning process is SAFE. It can not and will not damage your engine. It is far more effective than any fuel additive, or other engine cleaning method you could use.

When any of the KT Series hydrogen gas generators are connected to the engine’s intake manifold via a vacuum hose / air intake, the hydrogen and oxygen enriched fuel mixture ignites inside your engine. This causes faster combustion, with greater turbulence and force, which burns more completely. Furthermore, this process also causes existing, unburned carbon residue to be burned away, yielding the best engine cleaning possible.

The byproduct of burning the oxygen-hydrogen gas from a KT Series hydrogen generator is ultra-high temperature steam. The combined effects of more complete combustion, along with the steam byproduct, act in a manner similar to getting your carpet deep cleaned.  All deposits inside the cylinders are burned off, while all deposits down stream in the exhaust (i.e., the catalytic converter) are cleaned with the super heated steam, loosened, and ejected from the tail pipe.  Water and carbon can be seen exiting the tailpipe after the 30-60 minute procedure has been completed, and the engine is revved to blow out residual material.

Immediately after the procedure is complete, the customer will notice the vehicle running smoother and quieter, with lower emissions,and  more power and torque.

For vehicles that fail the required emissions tests, this engine cleaning procedure can offer an affordable, and immediate solution for lowering their emissions.

Engine Cleaning Business opportunity…

Internal engine cleaning, using hydrogen and oxygen gas, is an untapped business, with no one to compete with because the process is new, and the market has not been over saturated.

There are two very viable candidates for this business opportunity:

1.  Any auto repair or lube shop, whether it be privately owned, or a chain (i.e.,  Jiffy Lube, Midas, Pep Boys, Sears etc.). This is an extremely profitable service to offer your customers, and your facility is already set up.  The engine cleaning machine is on wheels, it rolls in, plugs into the wall, and you are ready to start selling the engine cleaning service to your customers!  At the current price of our hydrogen engine cleaning machine, your investment would be recouped in just a few months, assuming you service 1 customer per day. But, since one machine could clean 16 cars in an 8 hour day, you’re income potential is nearly unlimited.

2.  Any capable, motivated, business-minded individual or partnership that is interested in providing a mobile engine cleaning service. An engine cleaning service business has a very low start up cost, and the rewards are almost immediate. With a KeiperTech engine cleaning machine, a generator, and a truck, one would have all the equipment needed to get started, and service not only private car owners, but used car lots, car dealerships, fleet service centers, and much more. Again, with just 1 customer per day your investment would be recouped in just a few months!

The simplicity of the process.

The KeiperTech engine cleaning machine plugs into the wall, or a generator.  The output hose is run into the air filter box of the vehicle, so that the hydrogen and oxygen mix is pulled into the engine, and burned along with the gasoline or diesel fuel at idle.  After 30 minutes of idle time, the engine is revved up, and at that time you can see the junk and gunk that has been cleaned out of the inside of your engine.  The job is now done the engine is as clean as when it was brand new.

Here is the KeiperTech sister company Carbon-Out.Com . This is a completely mobile service that can clean engines up to 20 liters in size!

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