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The KT Series Hydrogen Generator / Torch

The KT Series Hydrogen Generator

Introducing the KT Series Hydrogen Generator, our most compact and portable system, which can be purchased pre-configured to use 220 volt single phase power. All KeiperTech units are state-of-the-art, on-demand hydrogen-oxygen gas generation systems that takes water and splits it into hydrogen and oxygen gas at an extremely efficient rate. With efficiency greater than that of the leading competitor, you get more usable gas for the same amount of electrical power.

The extremely compact, light-weight design make the unit very portable and easily transported.  System weight is variable depending on model and total dimensions for all models (including casters) are 30 inches high x 22 inches wide and just 20 inches deep.

This machine’s output is fully adjustable from 1 – 40 liters per minute or 1 to 2400 liters per hour, depending on model and electrical configuration.  This gives you the ability to use many different tip sizes and have a full range of flame sizes and tip pressures.

All replacement parts are in stock and can generally be shipped to your facility the next day.  The entire system only has 2 moving components.  The electrical system houses all of the circuitry in one easy to remove and replace module, connected with a wiring harness.  This makes on-site repair fast, simple and does not require a specialist; a repair could be done by the operator, which dramatically reduces down time and losses in productivity. Just this feature alone makes this purchasing decision obvious. If there is a failure in the leading competitor’s machine you have 2 options: ship a 400LB machine back to them (internationally) for repair or wait for them to come to you. Both of those options mean a lot of down time and a lot of money! We are the only US based manufacturer of industrial hydrogen torch systems.

This unit is remotely controlled by the operator’s torch handle, so when the user turns the torch off, the gas production stops at the machine but remains in cooling and standby mode until the user opens the torch handle and demands gas. Afterwards, the machine then resumes at the exact same rate as previously set. This keeps the user focused on the job at hand and not having to return to the machine to make adjustments.

We included a very easily accessible drain valve right on the front, so when it’s time to flush or drain the machine; it is as simple as turning a handle. This unit can be flushed in less than 5 minutes and flushing is the only maintenance required.

This is hands down the most efficient, light-weight, attractive, easy-to-use, and powerful oxy-hydrogen generator in the world! We thought of everything when designing this system sparing no expense while creating the very best and most user-friendly unit to grace the industry. Replace your dated machine today with KeiperTech, the new industry standard in oxygen-hydrogen torch technology.