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Hydrogen Engine Cleaning

Hydrogen Engine Cleaning in Action

Hydrogen Engine Cleaning is one of the latest ways to do a complete carbon engine cleaning on all virtually any make or model of vehicle. Hydrogen and oxygen are some of the most combustible elements on earth, and the KT-220 industrial hydrogen generator is the perfect tool for delivering a hydrogen engine cleaning that your customers will rave about.

The KT-220 industrial hydrogen generator can create over 13 liters of hydrogen and oxygen gas per minute, and can easily be operated by portable generator as the above video shows. This means that the KT-220 is perfectly positioned to be used either in an auto mechanics shop or garage, or as a mobile setup that can be easily moved from one customer to another. Using the KT-220, an entrepreneurial individual could easily pay for the machine and turn a profit inside of 30 days offering hydrogen engine cleanings to their customers. This is a unique opportunity to create a business with very little competition and potentially large payouts.

A typical hydrogen engine cleaning session with the KT-220 lasts around 30 minutes, and the results are amazing. Customers whose vehicles could not pass emissions tests were in most cases able to easily pass modern testing requirements after just a single 30 minute hydrogen engine cleaning session with the KT-220. Performing the hydrogen engine cleaning is as simple as connecting the output hose of the KT-220 to the customers air intake manifold and then simply running the machine for about 30 minutes as the car or automobile idle.

In the video above, Tom from Keipertech demonstrates the mobility and power of the KT-220¬†industrial hydrogen generator to a customer and shows just how easy the machine is to use. If you’re interested in using the KT-220 industrial hydrogen generator for hydrogen engine cleaning or for any of it’s many potentials applications, please contact our sales team by email or via the form on our contact page.

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