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Diesel Engine Cleaning Clears Exhaust Gas Error Code!

Diesel Engine Cleaning Made Easy with the KT 220!

The diesel truck in the video above came to us with an EGR value error code. Using the combined output of two KT 220 units to produce a total of 60 liters of hydrogen per minute, we were able to not only clean this diesel engine but also clear the error code while we were at it.

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Hydrogen Engine Cleaning Lab Tests

Our Hydrogen Engine Cleaning Test Results Are In…

Amazing 80% reduction in emissions, 20% gain in horsepower, proves the value of hydrogen engine cleaning

We’ve been telling you about the amazing results we’ve been seeing when we use the KT Series Industrial Hydrogen Gas Generator System to clean internal combustion engines, and indeed hydrogen engine cleaning is a quickly emerging market world wide, but we decided it was time to put our money where our mouth is and gather some real world testing results. What we found was an amazing 80% reduction in emissions which resulted in a 20% increase in horsepower and about 20% better gas mileage. Use the link below to see the results.

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