Industrial Hydrogen Torch Systems


KeiperTech’s Industrial Hydrogen Oxygen Gas Systems.

Keiper Technologies is the world’s leading hydrogen oxygen gas production company. Efficiency, or the ratio of hydrogen oxygen gas produced compared to electrical power consumed, is the most important factor when considering a hydrogen oxygen gas generator. Knowing that, we dedicated thousands of hours to research and development, and in 2009 introduced the world’s first dry-cell hydrogen oxygen generator with zero current leakage. What this means is that the efficiency of our hydrogen oxygen generator is so superior to that of our competitors that we’ve literally set a standard yet to be matched elsewhere on the market.

Hydrogen Oxygen Torch

After the development of the new dry-cell in 2009, and the realization that our system could generate twice the amount of hydrogen oxygen gas compared to our competitors’ cells, we decided to develop specific products that could meet needs and challenges in a wide variety of industries. The first of these products was the development of a hydrogen oxygen based torch system. The hydrogen oxygen torch system was designed to be a direct competitor to less efficient, more expensive MAP or oxy acetylene gas torch systems used by a wide range of industries. While the full range of benefits our hydrogen oxygen torch has over it’s competitors can be found on our product page. The torch has become our top selling product for a reason!

Hydrogen Engine Cleaning

KeiperTech provides hydrogen engine cleaning solutions for both auto service shops and aspiring small business owners alike. Hydrogen based internal combustion engine cleaning is a quickly emerging market and KeiperTech’s products are poised to capture a significant share of that market. We offer lease programs and other incentives to people interested in using KeiperTech’s products for hydrogen based engine cleaning.

Hydrogen Oxygen Gas Research and Development

Today, we continue to develop products to meet the ever changing needs of a fast paced modern society. Our latest research and development has shown that injecting hydrogen oxygen gas into the air intake of an internal combustion engine can help clean carbon deposits, and effectively reduce emissions as a result. While this is just one example of new product development based on our tireless research, it is important to understand that hydrogen oxygen gas has a limitless potential to replace any combustible gas. For more information, please see our products page.

Why Hydrogen Oxygen Gas?

  • Hydrogen oxygen gas is the perfect replacement for any bottled gas and does not have to be purchased, stored or delivered.
  • Hydrogen Oxygen gas is created by converting water to a gaseous mixture of hydrogen and oxygen using electricity.
  • Hydrogen Oxygen gas is produced by equipment you own, eliminating the need to purchase bottled gas, and have it delivered by a supplier.
  • Because hydrogen oxygen gas is produced on demand, there is no need to store the gas in a pressurized container, eliminating most of the safety concerns typically associated with bottled gases.
  • Hydrogen Oxygen gas is green and emissions free. Hydrogen Oxygen gas burns clean and the only byproduct produced is water. That means no more of the noxious gases produced by other bottled gas systems, which can be detrimental to you and your employee’s long term health.